About Us

Need4Bridges is an organization dedicated to serving the re-entry population.  Edward Clarke and Jeriann Price has set out to provide education, inspiration and motivation to those returning from incarceration.  Need4Bridges was founded in 2016. We believe anyone can succeed and achieve any goal when given the proper direction, support, and training; both in skill set and mindset. 


Edward Clarke M.A., AMFT is the founder of Need4Bridges.  Clarke has been providing community service through his church ministry in Fullerton, Ca for over 15 years but has recently been moved to focus his services in a greater way . Clarke holds a masters degree in counseling psychology from Argosy University. Clarke is bridging many societal, economic, educational and social gaps within our communities. Many disadvantaged individuals are ready for positive transformation but don’t have the navigational capital. He assists in that process. Clarke is a life coach, counselor, therapist, motivational speaker and advocate for positive change.

 “Anyone has the potential to be great if only they would think it so”

-Edward Clarke M.A., AMFT